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Why Multivitamins with Micronutrients?

Multivitamin with micronutrient supplements can play key roles in helping our bodies fight inflammation in much the same way as the vitamins and minerals that we naturally obtain from the foods we eat.  Premier Micronutrient Corporation's, PMC’s, multivitamin with micronutrient formulas have been developed with specific wellness objectives. The PMC formula is the ultimate multivitamin. When using PMC micronutrient formulas it is neither necessary nor recommended to take additional multivitamins.

PMC has created the ultimate multivitamin formulas to support health and wellness and to support the body’s natural ability to fight the effects of inflammation. Veterans Ultimate Complete and Heart Health are our choices for those who seek the best in a preventive wellness support micronutrient supplement. If you have tinnitus or need hearing support, our choice is Hearing Health.

PMC products are the result of groundbreaking cellular protection research by renowned radiation oncology doctors. The initial formulations were developed as protective agents for patients undergoing evaluation using radiation and radiation treatment. Today’s PMC products are the result of collaborative research with the US government. The resulting products are issued to US combats troops for use in the event of a nuclear attack and to minimizing the effects of hearing damage from explosions and gunfire.

We are exposed to solar radiation, chemical and biological agents in the environment in which we work and live and, thereby, the elevated generation of free radicals within our blood. Free radicals are the root cause of inflammation and the constant battle within our bodies between inflammatory causing free radicals and antioxidants.

This cellular battle has been the center of research for Dr. Kedar Prasad, PhD of PMC, who recently published Bio- Shield:  Antioxidants Against Radiological, Chemical and Biological Weapons,

While our bodies naturally produce two major antioxidants – Glutathione and Superoxide Dismutase – as we age our natural ability to synthesize these critical antioxidants decreases, hence the need for a supplement.  The Premier Micronutrient products are a step forward in the design of multivitamins.


Chris Janelli

Premier Micronutrients

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