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A recommendation from Owen Potter of Our Favorite Health Products, LLC

I was introduced to Hübner Silica Gel by a business associate who had been experiencing chronic knee pain for years. He had scheduled knee surgery. As a last attempt for temporary improvement and pain management, he tried Hübner’s Silica Gel. Three weeks later and a month prior to surgery he saw a significant improvement in knee function and pain relief. The benefits were so noticeable he cancelled the scheduled surgery and today has full function and no knee pain. Ironically, three months after hearing his story, I slipped in a boating accident and dislocated my knee. After a period of significant pain, I also started taking Hübner’s Silica Gel. Two weeks later, the healing process seemed to accelerate, with noticeable improvement. In addition to the Hübner Silica Gel, I took Nordic Naturals Omega Fish Oil to improve lubrication in my joints. The combination of the two products helped me recover and saved a visit to the doctor’s office. I am convinced that daily intake of both products has really helped me and I would not hesitate to recommend them to any of my friends or family.
Owen W Potter
September 16, 2009